Client Success—Stories of Transformation

Mary Smith Joel Unger and Uno

The trainer is well trained!!!   Learned!  Experienced!  Insightful!  Intuitive! 

Not only can she train your puppy to “come,” “sit,” “stay,” etc., but she can also help with leash-walking and teach your dog alternatives to jumping on people and counters.  You will be pleased as your puppy grows up and becomes a pleasant companion.  We started with Sara when our pup was 9 weeks and when we get another pup, will start early again as they are SO ready to absorb training. Of course, you get trained too. It’s all part of the package and enjoyable as Sara is fun to have around.

Mary Smith and Joel Ungar

Julie Sullwold, Pete Heisner and Timo

We recommend Sara Munro without hesitation.

Sara guided us through our puppy’s first couple of months, and she gave all of us the start we were hoping for.

She not only trained our puppy, but ensured that we could follow up on our own. She worked effortlessly with him, always showing patience, compassion, and kindness. We learned not only the nuts and bolts of how to train our pup using positive reinforcement, but the theory and substance behind her training methods.

We look forward to working with her and our puppy in the future, strengthening what he has/we have already learned and continuing to expand our skills and knowledge.

Julie Sullwold and Pete Eisner

Dr. Hilary Conant smiles with her dog

As a veterinarian and dog owner myself, I highly recommend Sara Munro.

She has helped many of my clients over the years using positive-reinforcement techniques that strengthen bonds between dogs and their owners. With other trainers, I’ve seen fearful dogs become aggressive due to the punishment tactics used, so I’m passionate about steering my clients in the right direction to help create loving and trusting relationships with their dogs. I also appreciate that Sara works with board-certified veterinary behaviorists to provide clients with comprehensive treatment plans for difficult cases.

When my family needed help with our own new rescue, Sara worked with us to create a plan that fit within our budget and busy schedules. She was fun and encouraging with my young kids, helping to focus their energy to help our dog learn. She’s thoughtful and creative in coming up with solutions to all kinds of problem behaviors. Our dog responded immediately to Sara’s training techniques. Our family had fun with our sessions and we learned a lot along the way!

Dr. Hilary Conant

Santa barbara zoo logo

Dear Sara,

Thank you for the services you provided the Santa Barbara Zoo, training our Ambassador Dog. Your methods and techniques are based in science and provide for the welfare of the dog. He showed remarkable progress in the time you worked with him, and our staff learned a great deal from working with you too. We really do appreciate all you have done for Bradley and have enjoyed working with you.

With thanks,

Nancy H. McToldridge
Director of the Santa Barbara Zoo

Kate and her dog Jack

…highly trained animal specialist…

Jack has gone on outings with Sara for five years, and he always comes home happy. Sara is a personable, highly trained animal specialist who understands dogs and their habits, and knows how to lead and teach them. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking training or exercise for their dog.

-Kate and Dick Godfrey

Heather and her dog Bradley

…endless creative ways to help…

I worked alongside Sara, who was hired to lead our Ambassador Dog training team, at the Santa Barbara Zoo. She was easy to get along with and professional. She taught dog training and handling skills to several animal keepers and staff members. She was patient with both dog and humans, showed extreme dedication and had endless creative ways to help the ambassador dog succeed in his role. I highly recommend Sara, as she is not only amazing with teaching dogs, but amazing with teaching people how to become successful dog trainers!

Heather Alford

Patricia and her dog Rosie

…finally confident taking Rosie on walks…

I reached out to Sara for help with my 10 year old dog, Rosie. On leash, she was often reactive when we approached other dogs. Sara helped me understand what she was experiencing and helped me make some changes. I learned how to read her body language and to respond in a way that decreased her reactivity. I am finally confident taking Rosie on walks knowing that I have the skills to make sure we are both having a good time! Sara is patient, knowledgeable and understanding of both dog and owner. Thank you Sara!

– Patricia Muesse

…our dog is trusting us and loving his new home…

We started out with a new dog who was scared, aggressive and disconnected. Sara, brought excellent listening skills, a lot of knowledge regarding positive dog training and she definitely has a way with four legged creatures. Our dog is a living, breathing work in progress and a wonderful addition to our pack. Thanks to Sara, our dog is trusting us and loving his new home. We have made great strides with our dog and all have benefitted. Sara brings skill, wisdom and compassion to the table where it is most needed. She can win a dog’s heart and is a patient trainer with great skills transferring the training from dog to human. I highly recommend her if you are seeking assistance with your dog. You and your dog will be very happy.

-Perry Hoffman

Cami and her dog Roxie

After just 90 minutes with Sara, we received the tools we needed…

I asked Sara for a consult to help with some bothersome issues we were having with our rescue dog, Roxy. She was barking constantly, using our living room rug as a bathroom, dashing out the front door, and eating food off people’s plates on the table. After just 90 minutes with Sara, we received the tools to deal with Roxy’s behavioral problems, and I can happily report that all our concerns were soon under control. Roxy is doing great, and we have remained consistent with what we learned from Sara that day.

Thank you, Sara, for helping us make Roxy a much more pleasant member of the family!

– Cami Helmuth

Atticus and his dog Aroo

The first session with Sara brought immediate relief. Her techniques really work!

Sara has been phenomenally helpful with my dog Aroo. The first session with Sara brought immediate relief.  Her techniques really work! I’m no longer stressed and worried about what to do if someone new comes to the house. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She is professional, caring, and committed to helping her clients reach their goals.

-Leise Thomason

Jean Driskel and her dog

Sara brought my family together on the same page.

I was afraid I would have to rehome Ladybird, the dog I had fallen in love with. After she chewed up the umpteenth pair of shoes, the coffee table, and cost a small fortune in medical bills, I was pretty sure I had failed. Fortunately, Sara brought my family together on the same page. With her support and guidance, we ditched the shock collar, and got great results. We learned how to reinforce new and good behavior and to be consistent. We trouble shot difficult situations and came up with solutions that worked. Sara not only helped us change my dog’s behavior, she supported my family as we worked though the challenges. She offered empathy and caring to all of us, and has been beyond a thoughtful, considerate, and well-educated dog trainer.

-Jean Marie Driskel, Lead Teacher Sunrise Montessori School

Ginny and her dog Meru

…we are so glad we have been working with Sara!

Sara helped our whole family gain a better connection with our French bulldog puppy. Instead of being frustrated by his annoying previous behaviors, we learned how to work with him to encourage his intelligence and good behavior.

Recently, he really behaved himself at our holiday gathering. In fact, many family members made positive comments about his behavior, which is a first. Even my youngest nephew wasn’t afraid of him anymore! There are so many times we all say we are so glad we have been working with Sara!

-Ginny Spiers, Artist

Julia and her dog Koko

I have complete peace of mind…

After interviewing several dog walkers, we finally found Sara. On meeting, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and her interaction with my dog. While I’m at work, Koko goes out with Sara and her pack, and I know she is in the best of hands. I have complete peace of mind knowing she is socializing and playing with other dogs in a safe, controlled environment supervised by an educated expert on canine body language and behavior. On her walk days, Koko waits for Sara at the door, and comes back tired, happy and ready for a long nap at the office. Her pack walk day is by far her favorite day of the week! And I like them too! I recommend Sara and Sara Munro Dog Training without hesitation or reservation.

-Julia Hayes, Santa Barbara

Carol and her dog Buddie

Sara has been an important part of our extended family…

I’m 86 and live in a Senior Living Facility and couldn’t be more pleased with Sara Munro Dog Training’s walking services. When we started walking with Sara’s group six years ago, Buddie had a bad habit of going after small white fluffy dogs, so I was afraid to take her out on my own. With Sara’s guidance and redirection, Buddie learned she had other options, and I was able to walk her again. Her three weekly outings give me time to run errands and go to appointments, and when she returns, she is calm and satisfied. Sara has been an important part of our extended family, and we highly recommend her services and her friendship.

-Carol Acquistapace, Val Verde Retirement Center

Jill with family and her dog Chloe

She always comes home relaxed and burrows into the blankets the rest of the day.

I was concerned that Chloe wouldn’t get along with other dogs, but she did and made friends! She is calmer and more relaxed after her walks, which relieves me not only because she spends less time being vigilant and barking at things, but also because I know I’m doing something good for her. She always comes home relaxed and burrows into the blankets for the rest of the day. I also appreciate Sara’s support and troubleshooting with various behavioral and care issues. I’m definitely a better dog owner thanks to her insights!

-Jill Freeland