puppy training

puppy training

Puppy training relief is on the way! (Phew, right?)

puppy chasing toy outdoors

Easy puppy now, awesome dog later.

We can set you and your puppy up for success, and a lifetime of enjoyable and fun companionship.

Does your puppy…

  • Have indoor accidents
  • Destroy things you care about
  • Bounce around uncontrollably
  • Bite arms and grab pant legs
  • Play keep away
  • Jump up
  • Ignore you when you call
  • Counter Surf

Would this be better?

  • Go potty outside all the time
  • Chew on a favorite toy
  • Be able to calm herself
  • Use her mouth in a more suitable manner
  • Drop your stuff on cue
  • Sit politely and wait for an invitation
  • Eagerly come running
  • Keep four feet on the floor

We can help you relax and enjoy the cute in your puppy.

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Choose the package that best meets your goals, and we’ll do the training.

Our busy clients are passionate about what they do — both at work and play. That’s why we do the training for you. In a unique two-step program we’ll teach your dog first, then teach you how to get the same great behaviors.

Private Day-Training Packages for Puppies

Each package:

  • Customized to meet your goals.
  • Tailored to each individual learner.
  • We train your dog first, and then train you.


  • Written Training Plan with training schedule, goals and expectations.
  • Training Sessions and Write-ups
  • Transfer Sessions and Directions
  • Follow-up Sessions to support and maintain learning

Start Strong Puppy Package

Three weeks, 14 Sessions

Our most popular program starts you off on the right foot.

Best for clients with a specific goal looking for a comprehensive approach and willing to follow the protocols.

  • Foundation Training: Your puppy will learn that giving her attention to you is fun, going to her mat and calming herself pays off, and responding to your requests means good things happen. In short, she’ll begin to love her training sessions. And you’ll love them too!
  • Basic Polite Manners: Sit, Down, Stay, Walk politely on Leash, Come when called
  • Immediate relief from common puppy problems:
    • Incomplete Potty Training: Stop sopping up puddles.
    • Play biting and mouthing was cute once, but isn’t anymore.
    • Jumping on people, and they don’t like it.
    • Counter surfing and stealing your stuff.
    • Chewing your expensive reading glasses and other nice things.
    • Digging up your yard and landscaping.
  • 12 1-hour training sessions over three weeks, plus two additional follow-up meetings.

Weekly Training:

  • Three one-hour Training Sessions. I train your dog at your house. You are welcome to observe or are free to tick-off items on your to do list.
  • One one-hour Transfer Session with you and your dog to teach you how to ask her to do her new tricks and get her best behavior.
  • Simple, effective, no-stress, time efficient homework.

Follow-up Sessions:

  • Two one-hour sessions support your new skills as you try them in different situations. Additional backup helps cement training and ensures learning takes hold.
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Best Behavior Puppy Package

8 weeks, 20 Sessions

Keep your progress going! Our most comprehensive puppy-raising program spans two full months of your puppy’s growth and development.

Ensure your success by adding a fourth week of training to the Start Strong Puppy Package, along with another four full weeks of additional support.

Designed to offer you positive solutions to the common pitfalls of puppy parenting as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’ll guide you through the puddles on the floor and the out-of-control, hyper moments so you can respond with confidence, knowing you’re making the right choices for your pup and your relationship. We’ll make sure you understand the training methods you’ll use for a lifetime.

To Begin
Schedule an initial 90-minute in-home consultation. Cost $225.
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None of these quite what you were looking for? Want to design a custom puppy class with friends?

It’s never too early to start training.

Read the ASVAB urgent statement about the importance of early socialization.

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Sara teaching seven dogs

Meet your Trainer

Nothing gives me more pleasure than teaching my client’s dogs to behave. Whether in a training session or on a group walk, I seek every possibility to create positive learning opportunities. I am thrilled by the moment they get it, when you can see that light bulb switch on, when they understand good things are coming their way and they offer you their best behavior. Then doing the right thing becomes fun and training progress accelerates. Regardless of breed or age, I approach every dog with curiosity and respect. Because I’m passionate about getting the best results for both you and your dog, I look for the best in your best friend, and seek to combine the specific and unique ingredients that will help you live a stress-free, fulfilling life together.

The trainer is well trained!!! Learned! Experienced! Insightful! Intuitive! Not only can she train your puppy…you get trained too. It’s all part of the package and enjoyable as Sara is fun to have around.   

Mary Smith and Joel Ungar

Sara guided us through our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy’s first couple of months, and she gave us the start we were hoping for. She worked effortlessly with him, always showing patience, compassion and kindness. 

Julie Sullwold and Pete Eisner