live online dog training

live online dog training

Access the surprising benefits and unexpected advantages of Live Online Training

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Train your dog in the convenience of your home under the direction of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

I’ll train you to train your dog. I’ll guide and coach you toward mastering the handling skills you need to reach your goals. You’ll gain knowledge and learn skills to last a lifetime.

Live online training is effective for dogs who:

need basic manners training

are fearful or anxious around dogs, people, or the unfamiliar

growl, bark or lunge at dogs or people

experience home alone distress

get overly excited meeting people

Ready to reap the unique benefits of customized live, online training?

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Benefits of Live Online Dog Training

Powerful experience based-learning. Learn by doing. Get direct and immediate feedback from your dog, understand your dog’s behavior and how to respond.

Maximum Convenience. No travel. No traffic. No parking. Train in the safety and comfort of your own home. Or, you can train on the road while traveling with your dog.

Scheduling Flexibility. Make appointments when it works for you. Access 30-minute sessions and check-ins not possible with in-home training structures.

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Help between lessons. I’ll track your progress and provide feedback via shared documents and video review, so you keep learning even when we’re not meeting.

Enhance the relationship with your dog. Build trust and the human-animal bond as you train. You’ll enjoy all the relational benefits of reward-based training, not your trainer.

Most effective learning with direct, hands-on experience. You’ll practice—a lot. Far more than if I train your dog. With repetition, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and the confidence to make the best choices.

Live Online Dog Training Explained

Live, online training uses a coaching model. In the traditional style of private dog training, the trainer trains the dog. In this model, I’ll coach and teach you as you’re training your dog. We’ll meet for our training sessions virtually, via a platform like Zoom.

Each of your coaching sessions is completely customized for you and your training goals. My job is to curate your lessons via an efficient step-by-step process. As you succeed and master skills, we’ll add the next level of challenge. 

Before every training session, we’ll choose the training environment that will best support your progress. We’ll move to more challenging locations as you’re ready. You’ll learn how to make these environmental assessments for your dog.

We’ll access the brilliant (and very cool) benefits of video review. Debriefing with this tool allows us to see what the human eye may miss in real time.

I’ll post your tasks in a shared online document—like Google Spreadsheets—and update it with your next steps according to your feedback. You’ll receive ongoing, consistent support moving you toward your goals even when we’re not meeting.

This hands-on, interactive approach provides a variety of learning modes and pathways. As a result, you’ll understand and identify how your dog learns and develop solid handling skills. You’ll get the best results both now and in the future.

I’m ready to get my dog’s best behavior with online dog training!

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Three Steps to Start

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call.

Meet with me for a 90-minute assessment.

Choose a training package to meet your goals and begin!

Is Online Training right for you?

If you resonate with or answer “Yes” to two or more of the following, live online training could be perfect for you.

  • You’re curious by nature—a lifelong learner who loves learning new things.

  • You enjoy DIY and want to train your dog under the guidance of a qualified dog trainer and coach.

  • You require or desire a high degree of scheduling flexibility.

  • You live in a remote area without access to a force free trainer.

  • You’re willing to access and use easy online technology support for training.

  • You’re open to being blown away by how effective online training can be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online dog training effective?

Yes, definitely. And, in many cases it’s more effective long term because you’re engaged directly with your dog in the training process. As a result, you learn the ins and outs of how your dog learns, how your dog ticks, and how to communicate clearly. While engaged in reward based training with your dog, you’re building deep connection and a relationship built on trust. You get to reap these benefits, not your trainer.  At the end of a training package, both you and your dog have completed a deep-dive into training, which gives you the insight, skill and knowledge to maintain your dog’s behavior as well as a spring board for future training activities, fun and adventure with our dog.

How does online training work?

You get coached while training your dog. Move at your own pace. No pressure. Lots of positive feedback. In the process, you learn by doing, through hands-on experience, building the confidence that you can do this.

I’m not very tech savy. What do I need to know to work with you?

It’s simple. All you need is a phone and a tablet or computer with attached or integrated camera.

Can my problem be solved with online training?

Virtual training enhances outcomes in a myriad situations including puppy training and socialization, manners, leash walking, leash reactivity, fear and aggression toward strangers, resolution of barking, digging, chewing, and jumping, and behavioral issues involving insecurity, fear, aggression and separation anxiety.

Don’t you have to meet my dog in person?

Actually, no. During our consultation I’ll gather information about how your dog behaves in a variety of specific contexts. Focused, strategic questioning can gather far more useful information than can be observed in one meeting.

Tell me again, does online dog training really work if you’re not training my dog?

Yes, absolutely! Clients are successful on a regular basis, and their success is quite impressive! Keep in mind that that trainers have been working successfully online for years.

Not a tech genius? No worries.

You need a computer or a hand-held device with a camera and an internet connection. That’s it! We’ll connect using free, easy-to-use video software, like Zoom. It’s doable even for those who feel technically challenged.

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Meet Your Trainer

Interactive, online coaching supported by easy-to-use technology can help you reach your training goals while exceeding your expectations. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and learn along with your dog, I invite you on an exciting journey with me, through the nuts and bolts of teaching your best friend and the possibility of an even more satisfying relationship and life together. 

During this hands-on experience, you’ll learn by doing as you apply mechanical skills and conceptual knowledge to your training sessions. You’ll learn to effectively communicate without inadvertently confusing your dog, and how to reset, if you do.

I’ll teach you critical concepts that will help you be successful over time, after the trainer is long gone. You’ll also learn about how your dog learns, his unique behavior and motivation, the relationship to body language and emotions, and how to interpret all of this and respond in the moment. My aim is to prepare you to problem solve on the spot so that you can be more successful than you ever thought possible.

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We were really at a loss for how to properly socialize our dog in public until we worked with Sara. We did the training almost entirely remotely over Zoom, and were really happy with the value!

Darren Cagle

Over 10 zoom sessions, Sara worked with us to completely transform our philosophy and approach to handling our dog’s behavior to create powerful results—and much less barking!

Sarah Lopez