leash walking issues

leash walking issues

Leash Reactivity? It’s time to enjoy walking your dog!

a couple walking their dog

Walking the dog is supposed to be fun, right?

Imagine enjoying beach, trail, and neighborhood walks free of frustration and embarrassment. I’ll get you there.

black dog pulling on leash

Do your dog walks include…

  • Lunging, barking, growling at other dogs
  • Judgmental stares
  • Frustration and embarrassment
  • Sore back and shoulders
Corgi walking nicely on a leash

Would you prefer…

  • A dog who walks calmly by your side
  • A dog who passes other dogs without comment
  • Smiles from fellow sidewalk and trail users
  • Enjoyable, connected companionship

Two ways to train

Live Online or In Person


I train your dog for you, then teach you

I’ll design and implement your customized training plan for you, pick your dog up for hands-on, on-location training walk sessions. Then I’ll transfer your professional training results to you.

  • Maximum convenience—We do the work for you
  • Quickest peace of mind
  • Fastest results

 Schedule your initial consult today–I can’t wait to help.

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Choose your Leash Walking Relief Package

Live Online Walk Relief

4 weeks

4 hours of trainer support per week, including:

  • customized live online interactive coaching
  • video review
  • personalized Q & A
  • simple step-by-step instructions
  • homework check-ins

+ 2 follow-up sessions

Each week I’ll map out simple steps to move your progress forward. We’ll meet online three times throughout the week to coach you through your steps and teach you the tricks to peaceful walks. Video review sessions will provide a unique opportunity for me to observe your real-life walks together, and I’ll also check in with you via a shared online task list several times each week for a bit of extra support. My goal is to have you feeling relaxed and confident on your end of the leash, and your dog relaxed and calm on the other. (We’ll use our 2 follow-up sessions to make sure that relief sticks!) Learn more about online training!  

In Person Walk Relief Day Training

4 weeks

4 hours of trainer support per week, including:

  • 12 training sessions
  • 4 results transfer sessions
  • customized training plan
  • daily notes and reminders

+ 2 follow-up sessions

Each week I’ll take your dog out into the world for on-location training, using positive techniques to show him a new way of responding to seeing other dogs. I’ll transfer progress to you in a fun, hands-on session at the end of each week. Then we’ll use our two follow-up sessions to make sure everything is feeling good before we call it a wrap. My goal is to have you feeling relaxed and confident on your end of the leash, and your dog relaxed and calm on the other.

Sara teaching seven dogs

Meet your Trainer

I’m passionate about teaching your dog a new way of behaving around fellow canines, so you can both fully enjoy your walks together. Living with a reactive dog myself, I know what you’re going through–and what it means to find relief.

You should know I create that relief without borrowing harsh, traditional old-school training equipment and tactics from the past. I want you and your dog to enjoy achieving your training results as much as you’ll enjoy the results themselves.

As a serious dog lover you’ll no doubt want to know more about my science-based, force-free training methods and my extensive training credentials. I invite you to learn more about your trainer here. [Add text or button link to About page.]

I am finally confident taking Rosie on walks knowing that I have the skills to make sure we are both having a good time!  

Patricia Meusse

A worthy investment. We had some behavioral issues with our dog that we thought might escalate to aggressive behavior. Sara helped us streamline our training, become better trainers, and gave us the tools to ensure our dog was in a happy, structured environment. It is pricey, but it was worth it. 

Ryan Arellano