Dog Walking

Who can concentrate at work when your dog’s home, bored and alone, getting into stuff he shouldn’t, and learning bad habits?

If you don’t have time to walk your dog, no worries. Let us check it off your to-do list for you.

Your dog could be safely romping with friends in the foothills, and on the beaches and bluffs of Santa Barbara, under the watchful eye of a trained professional dog walker.

  • Attend to your life while your dog frolics with handpicked, compatible companions.
  • Be confident he's learning and maintaining polite socialization skills with other dogs and not developing behavioral issues.
  • Be guilt-free as your pup gets much needed exercise and burns off pent-up energy.
  • Come home to your relaxed, happy not hyped, companion.
  • Rest assured your dog is in safe hands.

Whether you're busy with family or career or just need help wrangling your high-energy hound, we can help.

Sara is a personable, highly trained animal specialist who understands dogs and their habits, and knows how to lead and teach them.
Kate and Dick Godfrey

Pricing and what you can expect…

  • Supervised, minimum hour-long, off-leash group walk
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off at your home or office
  • Safety protocols implemented for each dog during transport
  • Reward based training for recall and basic manners from a certified trainer
  • Returned to you safe, satisfied and nap time ready
  • Minimum 2 walks per week*
  • $35 per walk

We Are…

  • Trained and experienced dog handlers
  • Certified by the Dog*tec Dog Walking Academy
  • Certified by DOG SAFE Canine First Aid
  • Licensed and Insured

*For the maximum benefit for both you and your dog, we require our canine pack mates to romp and play with us twice a week. This regularity keeps your dog and all of our dogs protected, as they settle into our routine safety protocols. You’ll love the results because the more healthy exercise he gets, the calmer he’ll be. (A slightly higher walk fee may be charged for our pack-mates who need a little extra attention to be successful.)

Meet your Walker

I’ve escorted my canine pals on more than 1,000 group walks. Guided by years of observing dog emotional signals and group interactions, I’m also informed by the highest-quality, science-based training and education. By teaching your dog and their friends a variety of skills designed to increase safety when out and about, and while keeping a keen eye on both what’s happening in the environment and what the dogs communicate through their body language, I’ll make sure our outings are safe and fun, and that everyone gets loads of good exercise. My dog walker certification was earned through the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy, and I’m also DOG SAFE Canine First Aid certified.

Learn more about Sara’s training philosophy and extensive credentials

Why hire a Professionally Certified Dog Walker?

It’s a fully unregulated industry, so anyone can hang out their shingle and make a go of it. More power to them? Well, maybe not. While we all love a big hearted dog walker, when you get right down to it, being a dog-lover just isn’t enough to keep your dog safe day after day.

Professional Certified dog walkers have studied:

  • Canine learning theory
  • Body language
  • Aggression and its prevention
  • Group management and composition
  • Prey-drive related behavior
  • Reward based basic obedience training


Professional certified dog walkers implement safety protocols:

  • Preparation for emergencies with response plans
  • Car manners and safety
  • Canine first-aid certified

Because you want to know that your beloved family member is in the most capable hands, with a professional who understands dog behavior and group dynamics, and can keep him safe.

I have complete peace of mind knowing Koko is socializing and playing with other dogs in a safe, controlled environment supervised by an educated expert on canine body language and behavior. On her walk days, she waits for Sara at the door, and comes back tired, happy and ready for a long nap at the office. Her pack walk day is by far her favorite day of the week!
Julia Hayes