dog training

dog training

Ready to share life with an attentive, responsive dog?

Enjoy a dog who makes heads turn (for all the right reasons)

Imagine a dog who looks you in the eye, settles next to you, greets people and other dogs politely, and walks calmly on leash. We’ll teach her how!

happy dog playing

Does your dog…

  • Jump on people
  • Whine and bark
  • Ignore you when you call
  • Drag you down the sidewalk
  • Lunge at other dogs when on leash
  • Counter Surf
  • Chew on the things you care about
Attentive white dog lying on grass

Would this be better?

  • Sit politely and wait for an intro
  • Calm herself
  • Eagerly come running
  • Walk nicely at your side
  • Check in with you instead
  • Keep four feet on the floor
  • Find and chew on their favorite toys

Two ways to train

Professional positive reinforcement training can help!

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Choose your Basic Manners Package

Online Coaching

3 weeks


Includes: 4 hours of trainer support per week, including:

  • customized live online interactive coaching sessions
  • video review
  • personalized Q & A
  • simple step-by-step instructions
  • homework check-ins

+ 2 follow-up sessions

Each week I’ll map out simple steps to move your progress forward. We’ll meet online three times throughout the week to coach you through your steps and teach you the tricks to getting and maintain your dog’s best behavior. Video review sessions will provide a unique opportunity for me to experience and review your real-life training in action, and I’ll also check in with you via a shared online task list several times each week for a bit of extra support. My goal is to have you feeling relaxed and confident, and to make life easier for both you and your dog. (We’ll use our 2 follow-up sessions to make sure that relief sticks!) Learn more about online training!  

Day Training

4 weeks


Your trainer travels to you

Private In-home training

Out-in-the-world experiences


  • 12 training sessions
  • 4 results transfer sessions

+ 2 follow-up sessions

Each week I’ll meet with your dog, either at your home or out in the world, depending on your goals and our progress. Using positive techniques, I’ll teach him new solutions for his old behaviors. I’ll transfer progress to you in a fun, hands-on session at the end of each week. Then we’ll use our two follow-up sessions to make sure everything is feeling good before we call it a wrap. My goal is to relieve some of the stress of your dog’s unwanted behavior so you can relax and have more fun with your best friend.

To Begin
Schedule an initial 90-minute in-home consultation. Cost $250.
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Sara teaching seven dogs

Meet your Trainer

I’m passionate about teaching your dog the desirable behaviors you dream of, and then showing you how to ask for and get those great behaviors.

Having witnessed the amazing capacity of dogs to learn via positive reinforcement and to happily offer desirable behavior time and time again has made a deep impression on me. Because of what I’ve observed, learned through study, and experienced during application in my own training sessions, I have committed to using reward-based, positive reinforcement methods.

My training is based on the exciting, paradigm shifting knowledge and science now available to us humans that allows us to change our lives with our animals without causing emotional or physical distress. I use no aversive or damaging equipment, nor do I borrow harsh, traditional, old-school training tactics from the past. Be assured that your dog’s emotional and physical well-being is my priority.

You may want to know that both my academic education and hands-on training has been rigorous and extensive, and that I’ve earned multiple credentials, which you can read about on the “Meet your Trainer” page. And more importantly, you may also want to know that my clients most appreciate their dog’s behavior change, and the harmony that results from having a dog who knows what to do and is happy to do it.

She has such a depth of knowledge about how dogs can live better lives. Working with Sara has given us a wealth of lasting education for our whole family.

Ginny Speirs

I am finally confident taking Rosie on walks knowing that I have the skills to make sure we are both having a good time!

Patricia Meusse