Let’s face it, dogs do stuff. All sorts of stuff.

Some of it’s pretty cute and wonderful, and some of it just isn’t. Regardless of what your dog is up to or into, we can teach your four-legged family member a new, agreeable behavior, and show you how to ask for and maintain it.

After just 90 minutes with Sara, we received the tools to deal with Roxy’s behavioral problems, and I can happily report that all our concerns were soon under control.
Cami Helmuth

Let’s get your dog’s best behavior.

Puppy Training

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Dog Training

Teach your dog socially agreeable behavior! Get help with Dog Training

Separation Anxiety Training

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Dog Walking

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Let us help create harmonious living for both you and your dog. We make it easy.
We do the training for you. We teach your dog first, and then teach you how to
get the same great behaviors.

Why choose Sara Munro Dog Training?

Come home to a well-trained dog you didn't have to train yourself.

Get a customized approach with real results that work for your life.

Deepen the trust in your relationship dog through positive based, non-force training methods.

Work with a highly credentialed trainer committed to the latest canine learning science, who is transparent about her methods and happy to explain all of it to you.

The first session with Sara brought immediate relief. I’m no longer stressed and worried about what to do if someone new comes to the house. Her techniques really work!
Leise Thomason

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Meet Your Trainer

Nothing gives me more pleasure than teaching my client’s dogs to behave. Whether in a training session or on a group walk, I seek every possibility to create positive learning opportunities. I am thrilled by the moment they get it, when you can see that light bulb switch on, when they understand good things are coming their way and they offer you their best behavior. Then doing the right thing becomes fun and training progress accelerates. Regardless of breed or age, I approach every dog with curiosity and respect. Because I’m passionate about getting the best results for both you and your dog, I look for the best in your best friend, and seek to combine the specific and unique ingredients that will help you live a stress-free, fulfilling life together.

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